A new tomb has been discovered in Egypt by an archeological team from the University of Memphis (Tennessee), just a few feet away from the famous tomb of Tutankhamun that was unearthed in 1922. This one contains five mummies, along with many valuable artifacts. Since looting has been going on almost since Egyptian mummies were first being entombed, finding an unlooted burial chamber like this is amazing. Since the tomb is small and square, archeologists don’t think it is the tomb of a pharaoh like Tut, but it could be the tomb of some of Tut?s relatives.

Peter Popham writes in the Independent that The newly discovered tomb contains sarcophagi carved in human forms, with brightly colored funerary masks. When we think of mummies, we usually see these kinds of burials, since they are the kinds most often in museums. But mummies were also stored in giant pottery jars, and more than 20 of these were also found in the tomb. There are seals on the jars that identify the kings that are buried in them. The burial jars seem to have been placed in the tomb at random, which is unusual for the elaborate burial practices of the ancient Egyptians, so whoever placed them in the tomb may have been in a hurry. This could have been because a disease that was killing off the pharaohs faster than they could be properly buried.

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Something that only unknowncountry.com readers and Dreamland listeners know is that the late ?sleeping prophet? Edgar Cayce predicted where many of these hidden tombs would be found. Dr. Greg Little, who is part of the Cayce organization involvedin the Search for Atlantis, and who studied at the University of Memphis, says, “The just discovered tomb is a major and important find, but it isn’t the Hall of Records. That lies quite near the Sphinx, which is on William Henry’s tour agenda. The area in front of the Sphinx, in the Temple Complex, is where Edgar Cayce stated that the main entrance to the Hall of Records is located. That’s the area where researchers found that a tunnel or cave system was present under the stone surface. The reasons why this area hasn’t been excavated are complicated and even a bit mysterious. There is a 40-foot-long tunnel at the rear of the Sphinx and several others on the body of the Sphinx itself. I’ve been to the one on the rear of the Sphinx, but it’s since been sealed to reduce weathering. One of the tunnels on the upper right side of the Sphinx is a bit of a mystery?no one seems to know what was there or where it led, but now it too is sealed.”

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