Current advances in electroencephalographic (EEG) brain-wave detection technology make it possible for someone wearing a helmet with special sensors that broadcast your brain’s waves to be able to tell what state of alertness you’re in. Someday they may be able to do this without the need for a helmet. What comes next–reading our thoughts?

This could be a new, and more effective, type of interrogation tool, but for it to work, the person wearing the helmet has to sit perfectly still–even an eyebrow twitch can throw off the reading. EEG does not directly read thoughts–it reads the electrical fields generated by nerves, which communicate using electricity.

The inventors think that everyone will have one of these helmets eventually: it can be used to play specialized video games, help paralyzed people interact with the world, warn migraine sufferers of an oncoming headache, and adjust computerized learning to match a student’s personal pace.

In, Amber Dance quotes neuroscientist Scott Mackellar as saying, "It’s certainly something that everyone can have at home."

Will we all be wearing helmets in the future? As we begin the countdown to that dreaded date of December, 2012 (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), we wonder if you can imagine a time machine that is actually a PAINTING created by a group of CIA agents hiding out in what appears to be a mental institution? This incredible idea is the plot behind Whitley Strieber’s incredible novel The Omega Point, which is available in hardcover or paperback from the Whitley Strieber Collection (and it will come with an autographed bookplate, designed by Whitley).

If we could read your mind, I bet we’d find a restlessness, a disappointment with all the propaganda about UFOs that’s out there. You won’t find that at our Dreamland Festival–what you WILL find is is great information–about things we guarantee you’ve never heard about before (and NEW INFORMATION about some that you HAVE). So come see us in May–you’ll have a great time!

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