Karin Goodwin writes in the Scottish Sunday Herald that scientists have found evidence of ESP after studying how mediums get information from the dead. University of Glasgow professor Archie Roy says, “There is no doubt from the work we have done that mediums can obtain information using more than the five normal senses. The results so far have been assessed with hard maths and statistics. We believe that we have disproved the idea that all mediums are able to do is make general statements.” Think you’re psychic? Take our poll!

Roy used double blind testing in which the medium and the recipients were placed in separate rooms. Communication was established using a microphone and the identities of all involved were kept secret. He says, “We now have to move beyond these findings. One theory is that the medium can access information in other people’s minds but how does the medium do this? This research will have to be followed up by all sorts of investigation.” His results are the same as those of U.S. researcher Gary Schwartz.

Gordon Smith, one of the mediums Roy studied, says, “Basically you are using a heightened sense. It is just like radio waves. If there is an emotional tie with the person you want to contact a medium can pick up the signals. A lot of scientists would argue that I am downloading the information from somewhere and I wouldn’t argue with that. There’s not always a spirit contact. If you were very emotional you’d give off a lot of feeling and I would be able to pick up the fact that you were going through a crisis time. ‘However with a lot of the work I’ve done with Archie Roy I can’t even see the audience and so I can’t fall back on body language. When you are working with the scientific community you can’t make general statements — it is totally different from the way you might see people on TV just trawling for information with general statements like ‘I can feel someone over here has lost someone'”.

John Weir, Scottish chairman of the Spiritualist National Union, says, “The only person who can really know if it is genuine is the one who gets a message. When that happens it is certainly a wonderful experience and it can be really uplifting for someone going through grief. People are mostly in need of comfort.”

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