We interviewed Dr. Roger Leir on Dreamland February 13 with Tim Cullen, whose implant he removed on February 5th. This turned out to be one of four identical cantaloupe seed-shaped implants he has removed from patients so far. Raising money for the surgery was tough enough next he had to figure out how to raise the money to get the implant, as well as the tissue surrounding it, tested.

Greg Avery and Japanese TV came to the rescue. Greg, a lawyer who is the head of Louisiana Mufon, flew himself and Roger to San Antonio for the testing. He also wined and dined the Striebers, so we all had a great time.

The Fuji television network is the second largest TV network in Japan and is producing a special on alien abuction featuring Roger and his implant surgeries, as well as other researchers, such as John Mack. They were willing to pay to have the implant tested and met up with us here in San Antonio.

The Communion Foundation arranged to have the testing supervised by William Mallow, who did some of the testing on Jesse Long’s implant for the NBC TV special Confirmation. He’s a generous friend, who’s always come through for us when needed, and a true scientist, who is fascinated by the unknown.

We drove out to the institute where the testing was to be done on a hot summer day in July, with the TV crew following behind us (the institute shall remain nameless, for reasons that will soon become clear). The three tests to be done were: x-ray diffraction (on the metal implant), Raman spectroscopy (on the tissue) and scanning electron microscopy (on the tissue and implant).

Like the other metal implants Roger has removed, this one turned out to be made mainly of amorphous iron, meaning that it lacks a crystalline structure, yet it is highly magnetic. This is impossible a material must have a definite internal structure in order to have the polarity necessary for it to act like a magnet. We have just learned that there is a new process for weaving metal into a material like this, but we have no knowledge about how to make it magnetic. It was assumed that no substance like this could exist until Dr. Leir started removing implants.

We were in the middle of the testing when we received the following note from the head of the institute: “Mr. ____ has asked that we not get involved with this Japanese TV program We have, in the past, tried to stay away from paranormal and controversial extraterrestrial work and wish to continue with that policy.”

Bill Mallow explained that the TV crew had scheduled the tests in advance and were paying for them. Also, they had come all the way from Japan in order to film them. As he negotiated with the higher powers, the scientists running the tests started to work more quickly so they could complete their work before we got physically thrown out of there.

Soon we received another note saying that the institute wanted to confiscate the video tape for approval before it was shown on TV. The producer of the show wisely refused, knowing she might never see it again. The work went on even more frantically until we were finally finished. As we drove away, we knew that our days of testing at the institute were over.

The irony is that this institute was founded by Tom Slick, a man who devoted his life to the study of scientific anomalies. He spent years hunting for the Yeti in the Himalayas. He would have been fascinated by Roger’s work.

Greg Avery had brought his video camera and that evening he shot some footage of contrails in the skies of San Antonio. He gave us a show in his hotel room that night. The world seems to be filled with the kind of close-minded people who run that institute; we’re thankful there are people around like Roger Leir, Greg Avery and Bill Mallow as well!

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