We?re revamping our store?and making it better than ever. Starting June 7th, we?ll have a new 24 hour/7 day-a-week 800 number, so you can order during the show. We just moved our stock to new a new fulfillment house and we?ve discovered that with some titles, we have a little bit of this and a tiny bit of that, so we?ve added lots of new items to our sale section. We’ve also lowered the prices even more on items already on sale.

Be sure to check it out: Some of these books have been big bestsellers at unknowncountry.com and in some cases, we only have one copy left! Last of all, we want to thank you for supporting us by shopping at our store. The revenue from our store pays to keep our website on the Net and allows us to offer a month of radio archives for you to listen to?and all of this is free. So thanks again.To see our sale section,click here.

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