French chefs are going to have to think up some new dishes, since new kinds fish are appearing in the waters off the French coast. Along with the oceans in the rest of the world, these waters are warming, and scientists think this may be the cause of the arrival of these non-native species. Othercauses could be new feeding patterns or pollution.

Flying gurnards, moonfish, triggerfish and tropical turtles are among the examples. The traditional homes of these species are as far away as Africa.

“It could be a climatic phenomenon. The waters have warmed a little and we are certainly seeing different species [compared] to 20 years ago,” said Stephane Auffret, of the French Croisic Oceanarium.

Auffret said that an increase pollution could have caused an increase in plankton. This would increase the numbers of fish, such as jelly fish, that feed on that substance, which would in turn increase the numbers of fish that like to eat jelly fish, causing them to migrate to new areas of the ocean.

Meanwhile, French chefs are sharpening their knives getting out their saut

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