This is a dark time for the crop circle miracle. Both the National Geographic Channel and the Learning Channel have recently aired blatantly propagandistic anti-circle documentaries. The fact is, government and media hate this miracle because it’s new and strange and it says that the world is full of mystery.

Lucy Pringle has created two beautiful sets of crop circle postcards. We are hoping that you will send them to your friends as a way of saying there is a real miracle out there, no matter how much the government and the media deny it.

Crop circles last only a few weeks, but these photographs give them the immortality they deserve.

Collection one covers circles from 1998 to 2001 and contains 30 cards, including the Milk Hill Fractal that even the legitimate skeptics admitted they could not explain, and the Chilbolton Face, the “Op Art” Avebury, the ?Dragon? and a stunning view of a crop circle in front of Silbury Hill.

Collection two has 29 cards and covers circles from 1993 to 1997. This beautiful collection features such fabulous images as the magnificent Spider?s Web and the wonderfully elegant West Stowe formation, as well as the 1997 ?Double Fractal? and a view of the ?Julia Set? in front of Stonehenge.

All cards are 4 X 6 inches. They are printed in full color on heavy stock and are legal for mailing in the U.S. and so well produced that they are suitable for framing. Each set is $19.95, or you can get both for $34.95. Use them for invitations, thank you?s and short notes to friends.

Spread the miracle.

To shop for postcards and see more,click here. (In this story: Click on images to see actual size.)

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