Clifford Carnicom has posted new information about possible military programs that may result in the appearance of the persistent and tainted jet contrails known as chemtrails.

Mr. Carnicom is a leading chemtrails researcher and, like Will Thomas, is noted for his persistence in attempting to uncover these programs.

Mr. Carnicom’s latest report identifies four military projects that affect the atmosphere across the U.S. The first, unnamed project, is based on a proposal by Dr. Edward Teller to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the earth by ejecting aerosols of reflective particles into the upper atmosphere.

Teller has claimed that he has no knowledge of his idea being implemented, and there is no definite documentation that points to such an implementation. However, both Carnicom and Thomas have found extensive circumstantial evidence of this–more, in fact, than was ever discovered about the Manhattan Project before its official announcement in 1945.

The other programs are more clearly identified. The first of these is the US Navy’s Radio Freqency Mission Planner (RFMP) program, which enables the development of battlefield imagery in three dimensions. It uses a Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation that requires atmospheric ‘ducting’ of radar waves to operate properly. To induce this ducting over land masses, it is necessary to increase the radar reflectivity of the atmosphere. This is done by releasing aerosols of barium from aircraft.

It is also theoretically possible to use barium salts to control weather by, for example, releasing them along storm fronts in order to cause droplets of moisture to form around the barium particles, increasing the moisture level and thus the intensity of a front. Whether or not there are organized programs to do this is unknown.

According to Carnicom’s new report, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has released various aeorsols into the atmosphere to aid in developing programs related to germ warfare, both to understand how aerosols of various biological weapons may proliferate, and to determine how to neutralize them.

The projects have been shielded under the umbrella of national security in order to avoid the many national and state laws that would prohibit release of foriegn matter and possible contaminants into the atmosphere. Whether or not any environmental impact assesments have been made is unknown, as is the degree to which these projects have been implemented.

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