Phone towers for the new, high-tech cell phones can cause headaches and nausea, according to Dutch researchers, because they operate at a higher frequency than those for traditional cell phones. This new technology allows callers to use their phones to send messages and photo images.

The Dutch study exposed volunteers in laboratories to radiation from either the new or the “traditional” cell phone towers, without telling them which one they were being exposed to. Of the 72 people who took part in the study, half experienced nausea, headaches and tingling sensations from the radiation level of the new cell phone towers. In contrast, the radiation level of traditional cell phone towers produced no bad effects.

Researcher Maarten Lortzer says, “These findings were very unexpected. It means that there are a whole lot of other questions coming up.” Such as: if traditional towers are replaced with new ones, to service these popular new phones, will a lot of people living nearby suddenly start feeling sick?

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