Archeologists usually investigate ancient sites, but what if neurologists could dig into the brain’s past and uncover the history of past experiences? Recent brain studies have revealed that spontaneous waves of neuronal activity in the brain bear the imprints of earlier events for at least 24 hours after the experience has taken place. This means that close encounter witnesses’ brains will contain a signature of their experience, and it would be possible to determine from that whether it was a physical event or a nightmare. This would be an enormous and important step forward in close encounter research.

The brain never rests, even when its owner is resting, and these brain "hieroglyphics" may have some meaning, akin to the writing on the wall of an Egyptian tomb. As new experiences become embedded in our brains, they create "expectations" that come into play before we perform any type of mental task, enabling us to anticipate the result.

In an experiment, researchers had volunteers undertake a training exercise that would strongly activate a well-defined network of nerve cells in the frontal lobes. While undergoing scans of their brain activity, the subjects were asked to imagine a situation in which they had to make rapid decisions. They received auditory feedback in real time, based on the information obtained directly from their frontal lobe, the "decision making" part of the brain.
Spontaneously emerging brain patterns could be used as a "mapping tool" for excavating memories from an individual’s recent past, such as abduction memories. Each person’s unique spontaneously emerging activity patterns would eventually reveal a sort of personal profile that would make it easy for investigators to determine not only whether or not memories concerned real experiences, but exactly how the individual was reacting during the experience.

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