No, we’re not dreaming! Jason Cooke was surfing through Google Earth when he decided to look at a satellite photo of Loch Ness in Scotland, and spotted an image which may be the Loch Ness monster.

In the August 27th edition of the Guardian newspaper, Stephen Moss quotes Nessieologist Cameron McSporran as saying, “It’s a dramatic and compelling image. It is probably the most important sighting since 1974, when campers at the Loch Ness caravan park saw a vast green scaly creature with a curved head and a long, slender body at four in the morning. It requires a great deal of detailed analysis and close consultation with the Highlands and Islands Tourist Board, but I think at last we are close to silencing the doubters.”

Could Nessie be in Florida too? On the WPTV website, James Wieland talks about a similar creature that’s been spotted in the Lake Worth Lagoon. Wieland quotes biologist Thomas Reinert, who watch a video of the creature, as saying, “I can’t definitely say what it is. I can speculate but we need more evidence to determine the identity of the Lake Worth muck monster.”

He quotes Greg Reynolds, who took the video, as joking, “Maybe Nessie’s vacationing in South Florida!”

Fall is a nice time to take a vacation, especially if you were too busy making a living this summer! Come join us for a delightful time in the desert. No Nessies there, but maybe we’ll have other kinds of adventures.

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