The Polish city of Walbrzych has a local legend of a train that was buried by the Nazis toward the close of World War II, laden with looted treasure, to hide it from the advancing Russian army. Last August, two treasure hunters announced that they may have uncovered the resting place of this legendary locomotive, and now engineers are preparing to excavate the site.

Acting on the deathbed confession of a man who claims to have witnessed the loading of the train, treasure hunters Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter used ground-penetrating radar equipment in the indicated area near the city of Walbrzych. They indeed found a train-shaped object in an embankment, near the existing rail line that runs near the city.

“The Nazis dug out the embankment, created a junction and laid track to divert the train off to the side. Then they parked the train, which is 90 metres long, removed the rails and put back the soil,” explains Koper.

Before the excavation begins, military engineers will be using magnetic field detectors, ground-penetrating radar, and thermal imaging cameras to search for possible booby-traps that Nazi workers may have left behind to protect the cache.

While the train’s actual contents are unknown, there has been no end to the speculation made as to what was being transported on it. Walbrzych is the reputed site of the underground laboratories of Hitler’s Project Riese, where Nazi Wunderwaffe, their secret weapons, were being developed. While it is not known if the buried train was connected with the secret weapon projects, local tunnel explorer and tour guide Krzysztof Szpakowski believes that top-secret equipment will be found on board.

“This was a closed military area – first Russian, then Polish – until 1991. The soldiers were looking for something. When I was a teenager we knew something had gone on here. But there was no one to ask because all the [German] residents were shipped out of the area and replaced by Poles after the Potsdam agreement,” Szpakowski explains, of whom has been using dowsing as a method to locate hidden tunnels.

“The Nazis wanted to develop an atomic bomb. They were working on anti-gravity propulsion. There is something on that train that was intended for Riese. We only know 5% of what went on in this part of the world,” he said. 

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