On July 17, we wrote a story about a ghostly message in a bottle that parents received from their long dead son. Now a bottle with a message from a refugee fleeing the Nazis during World War II has been found on a Swedish beach.

The note is dated 1943, written in English, and asks if the war is over yet. It’s signed by a woman called Maja Westerman who fled from Nazi-occupied Estonia to a Swedish island 92 miles from where the bottle was found.

The bottle was found by Swiss tourist Thorsten Schwarz, who wants to trace Westerman to find out if she’s still alive. The note reads: “Dear friend, we live on an island. We came here a year ago…the lighthouse keeper’s family is very kind…is the war finished…we wait for peace and friendship.”

Schwarz says, “It is very moving. Just imagine if Maja Westerman is still alive today and it would be possible to find her.”

Never send a message in a bottle that you might regret writing later. Did you know the Nazis were trying to win World War II using the occult, and that Roosevelt was battling them with his own version of the paranormal?

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