Allan Hall writes for The Scotsman that recently discovered East German intelligence files reveal that tons of live ammunition, as well as fueled Nazi fighter planes, are buried in concrete bunkers beneath Schoenefeld airport, which is used by thousands of travelers every year.

When the Nazis were under pressure during the end of World War II, they buried the planes parked on the runway in concrete, rather than letting them fall into Soviet hands. “They would have stuffed them anywhere they could?there was simply too much stuff to blow up all at once,” says historian Karl-Heinz Eckhardt. “There was a warren of massive Nazi bunkers beneath the site of the present airport that would have suited their purposes.”

Nearly two million passengers a year pass through the Schoenefeld airport in East Berlin, and it’s the headquarters for discount tourist airlines. An airport spokesman says, “We became aware of the bunkers in 1993, four years after the fall of the [Berlin] Wall. A check was undertaken then and everything was determined to be safe.” But, “We had no idea that so much ordnance is supposedly under there.”

It was hard to predict what Hitler would do, because he and Roosevelt were really fighting a secret occult war.

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