The 213 cube symbols carved into the stone ceiling ofRosslyn Chapel in Scotland, built by the Knights Templar in1477, remain a mystery. Some people believe they?re a kindof musical notation system that records a melody of greatspiritual significance to the Templars.

Now a Matsushita of Japan, which owns Panasonic, is tryingto decode the symbols, hoping to develop a line ofrelaxation products using vibrations from the sounds. Eightscientists and music specialists from around the world aretrying to understand the relationship between the symbols,which look like a series of lines and dots, and musical notes.

One theory is that the notes were recorded using a brassplate covered with sand. When the plate was struck with abow, it vibrated, creating a distinctive pattern of sandlines for each particular note. Masons carved the patternsinto the stonework to record the music played at religiousceremonies there.

Jim Naples is the managing director of Matsushita in theU.K.. Besides TVs and stereos, they make massage machines,and he thinks the vibrations from the Templar music will beespecially effective. “If you imagine your body,” he says,”we all consist of cells and vibrations. If you have healthymuscles, then they vibrate at a certain frequency – if theyare not healthy it would be a different frequency.

?What we try to do with some of our products is get themuscles back into a healthy frequency by pulsing them with?proper? waves. If in Rosslyn the sacred notes could bedecoded – and the music sung – we could record the frequencyof the wavelengths produced by the music and re-create thatfrequency in a new ?healing? product.”

Music experts who aren?t part of the project agree that thesymbols may be musical notes. Warwick Edwards, who specializes in ancient music at GlasgowUniversity, says the cubes could represent a 15th centurymethod of recording music. “There were all sorts of notationmethods for all sorts of music,” he says. “For example,sacred music was noted using lines with a couple of blobsetched in the brickwork of a building.?

Stephen Prior, who researches the history of Rosslyn,believes the cubes could reveal a health-giving chant fromthe Middle Ages. He says, “We are convinced that when theseare deciphered they will tell us something very interesting.”

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