The residents of a community on the north end of Vancouver Island in Canada are being haunted by mysterious howls coming from the woods, of which are also accompanied by sightings of the elusive creature known as Sasquatch, or Bigfoot.

At night, the residents of the community of Alert Bay, on Cormorant Island, British Columbia, have heard strange, non-human howling noises, despite the lack of wildlife on the small island. Some have suggested that what they’re hearing is the howling of a dog, but witness Art Dick dismisses that theory: "With that volume, absolutely not. No dog can make that kind of a noise, with that volume."

There are also accounts of direct sightings of the creature, including an encounter experienced by a visitor to the island’s cemetery, and another involving group of teenagers who were playing soccer when they spotted a large, upright creature nearby. Resident Mackenzie Mountain was even able to make a recording of the noises.“We were on the back porch up on the back road and we heard it once, and I didn’t get the recording, and the second time I got the recording,” he said. “That was on the back porch. Very eerie.”

The sightings and recordings have attracted the interest of wildlife biologist and Bigfoot researcher John Bindernagel, who is investigating the reports, interviewing witnesses and installing his own recording equipment. To listen to the sounds, play the video.

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