A decomposing foot was found in the woods near Quincy, Massachusetts by two boys, who collected it and brought it home. Police were informed, and it was determined by the local medical examiner that the foot was not human. Although it had five toes, it was far too large to be a human food. This has led to speculation that it could be remains from a bigfoot, but the far greater probability is that it is a bear paw, or the foot of a great ape such as a gorilla.

Bears have prominent claws, and this foot appears to have nails, more like the foot of a gorilla. Is it possible that it’s bigfoot? Yes, but the chances of anything like that being determined are small. Now that the medical examiner has determined that it is not human, there is no further legal requirement for it to be researched. Hopefully, additional research will be done, and if it is determined not to be the paw of a bear, DNA studies will be undertaken.

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