A woman was attacked by a big ?Mystery Cat? in Scotland and has bite marks on her thigh to prove it. The woman, who does not want her name released, says the animal grabbed hold of her upper leg and hip, ripping her trousers, and leaving three puncture wounds on her thigh. ?It was a spur of the moment attack and I screamed out in pain,? she says. ?The animal was very fast and came out of nowhere. It wasn?t growling or anything so I don?t think it could have been a dog.?

Wilfred Simpson, 81, who was walking with the victim when the animal pounced, says the cat was the size of a Labrador but with a long thin body and the movements of a cat. ?I could see her trousers were all torn and she had bite marks along the back of her leg,? he says.

The attack occurred shortly after 7 p.m. as they approached the woman?s home. ?The road was quite icy and I was following behind when I heard her scream and thought she?d fallen,? says Simpson. ?I saw a sleek, black beastie disappear around the corner of the stables. It was big, and when I asked her what was wrong she told me she had been bitten. She was quite upset so I drove her to the doctor?so she could have it seen to.?The creature was only scared off after the woman struck it several times with her car keys. ?I have spoken to her several times over the weekend and she has been quite badly affected by the attack. I think she?s scared to go out on her own,? Simpson says.

The woman and her husband, who are in their 50s, said they later found evidence that the animal had been sleeping near their house. She and Mr. Simpson may have startled it as they unwittingly approached its lair.

The incident is the latest in a string of sightings of Mystery Cats in the area. Last May, a big cat was spotted prowling in the open, and there were other cat sightings the same week. An engineer who was working in the woods nearby says he saw a large, puma-like animal with a long tail which curled at the tip.

Experts believe that the Mystery Cats are Kellas cats, a cross between a domestic cat and a wildcat. They have been in the area for around 20 years and are the same size as the ones described by witnesses.

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Five ?huge, black creatures? live in the Tikis River in a former mining village in Manilla, stirring up fears among the Aeta families living there. The Aetas? oral history has no legends about giant fish or strange mammals, so these are not likely to be mythical beasts.

The strange creatures have been seen swimming in the river, which is surrounded by tall, thick bushes. Observed from a hill west of the river, the first creature that was seen was about seven feet long and three feet wide and dark black in color. It slowly glided down the river before it took cover in the bushes.

?We don?t know if they are fishes or snakes or eels because they never show their heads or tails,? says one of the locals. They have been mistaken at times for floating logs.

Children have been ordered to stop swimming in the river and people have stopped catching fish. ?The children are afraid. When they come here to view those creatures, they wonder what those things really are. We don?t have answers to their questions,? says one villager.

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