English sources are reporting mysterious sightings of orange orbs in the sky above major cities in the UK.

Shoreham, Essex, Liverpool and Brighton seem to be the places where the most sightings took place. This is London quotes one witness as saying, “I saw this big orange light in the sky. Then another one appeared in mid-air. Then another. And another.”

On the Argus website, Andy Dickenson quotes witness James Gordon-Johnson as saying he saw “what appeared to be a very big orange light in the sky. It was very, very bright but static?it wasn’t rising or falling. Another one then appeared in mid-air. Then another?the lights were so bright thousands of people must have seen them. The next morning I got a phone call from a friend of mine who saw the exact same thing.”

Dickenson quotes another witness, Mark Sztopel, as saying he saw seven lights moving slowly across the sky at midnight. He says, “I’m a big plane enthusiast so I know what the lights and characteristics of a plane look like at night, and I cantell you now that these definitely weren’t planes.”

The lights over Essex and Liverpool have allegedly beenidentified as “lanterns” but how it was that they were solarge and bright has not been explained. At present,Dreamland’s science reporter Linda Moulton Howe isattempting to speak to eyewitnesses to determine whether ornot the explanation is correct.

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