Mysterious particles are coming from the sun and now mysterious WAVES are too. A huge storm on the sun on June 7th spewed out a massive amount of solar plasma. Astronomers can’t figure out why the sun’s corona is thousands of times hotter than usual.

The Daily Galaxy quotes NASA’s Leon Ofman as saying, "One of the biggest questions about the solar corona is the heating mechanism. The corona is a thousand times hotter than the sun’s visible surface, but what heats it up is not well-understood. People have suggested that waves like this might cause turbulence which cause heating."

The sun may influence our climate by altering the intensity of the cosmic-rays reaching the earth’s surface. Cosmic rays seed low-lying clouds that reflect some of the sun’s radiation back into space, causing rain, and the number of cosmic rays reaching the earth depends on the strength of the sun’s magnetic field. When this magnetic field is stronger, more cosmic rays are deflected and fewer clouds are formed, so the Earth heats up. When the field is weaker, the earth cools down. The Extinction Protocol website quotes Danish researcher Henrik Svensmark as saying, "There is so much that is not known about cloud formation, so it is possible that it could be an important component of global warming" (something the Master of the Key told Whitley all about).

The US and the UK are getting ready for cuts in the power grid that may be caused by waves from the powerful solar storm hitting the earth that could knock out electricity grids by triggering immense power surges that occur when highly energetic solar particles collide with the earth’s magnetic field. They are planning controlled "outages" or "brownouts" in order to protect these grids against damage which could take months–or even years–to repair. This happened in 1989, when a solar storm knocked out the electricity grid across large parts of Canada, which then cascaded down to the US and ended up causing brownouts in California.

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