Shots of a ring-like structure emitting an aerosol in the sky have been posted by Clifford Carnicom on his chemtrails website. This structure is surprisingly similar to a “ring”UFO that was videotaped over an amusement park on July 2, 2009. The video taken over the amusement park is a perfect circle hanging in cloud cover. It was dismissed by officials of the King’s Dominion theme park as a smoke ring from their volcano ride, but witnesses did not agree. Now, this additional evidence of such structures suggests that objects of this type are indeed present in our atmosphere.

The one shown in the photos offered on is emitting a massive contrail or aerosol. The photos were taken over Vail, Colorado on March 7, 2008 at 5:23 pm. There appears to be no source for the emission except the ring itself, and nobody knows who might have built the structure, how it can fly without any apparent power source, and what might be in the aerosol.

The photographer of the ring-like structure made this statement on “I saw this chemtrail forming to the west of Vail, Colorado on March 7, 2008 at 5:23 pm. As I zoomed in full with a 70 to 300 lens on my D200 Nikon, there appeared to be no plane in front of the chemtrail, like it was forming out of thin air. After shooting several shots, there was another plane-less chemtrail rising to the west just before sunset. It was spooky. When I downloaded the pictures, there was a halo shape at the front of the chemtrail in some of the images and absolutely nothing visible in others.”

Another set of images taken by a second witness over North Carolina in March and April 0f 2008 are also presented on To read more about the King’s Dominion object and watch the video, click here. Want more stories like this? Visit’s OutThere section every day. There’s wonderful information coming your way on our two great radio shows as well! All this information is to interesting to let us die now. If you want to keep us going, subscribe today!

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