On Earthfiles.com, Linda Howe reports that on Thursday, February 23, a low rumbling sound was heard in Arlington, Washington, from the morning through the night, growing in intensity at 7 p.m. It was so loud that several of the people who heard it say it vibrated the bones in their chests. Arlington is about 35 miles southeast of a Naval Air Station–could it have been an airplane noise?

Strange sounds, consisting of loud, window-rattling booms, were heard on March 15 in five southeastern Georgia counties. Linda Howe quotes officer Todd Rhodes, of Georgia’s Brunswick Police Dept., as saying, "It was a noise that literally shook our home. There was some panic there because you know when you hear that noise as far-reaching as it was–and not only hearing it, but feeling it–you want to know, ‘What is this?’"

But it’s still a mystery: The US Geological Survey has no seismic evidence of an earthquake and the Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay says they "were not conducting any operations that would have caused a sonic boom or explosion."

Since all of these "booms" occurred in military areas, we wonder if they are the result of some new kind of military weapon being tested.

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