Over the past six weeks, mysterious booming sounds have been heard across the United States and western Canada. Each event has brought a new set of explanations, all of them different, but the coincidence of so many different events in so short a time suggests a common explanation that is as yet unknown. Some have been accompanied by fireballs and have been attributed to incoming meteors a hundred feet or so in diameter generating sonic booms as they impacted the atmosphere. It is also true that, in March, two previously unknown asteroids made close approaches to Earth. Are we moving through a debris field in space? Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell. The only way we have of discovering small objects in space is by their reflectivity, so very dark objects might not be noticed until they are close to the planet, or not noticed at all. Here are stories about the booms heard between February and April. In addition to these, fireballs have been observed in many more places, and UFO sightings remain at an all time high. Booms have been heard in the following places:

Italy and Kentucky on February 13; California on March 4; Georgia on March 20 and the Eastern Seaboard on March 31st.

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