First frogs start dying from a mysterious fungus, then bees begin dying off too. Now it’s birds (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)–wild bird populations in the Northwest and Alaska are getting beak deformations that make it impossible for them to eat. Does this have something to do with climate change? On the Huffington Post, Dan Joling quotes biologist Colleen Handel as saying, "The prevalence of these strange deformities is more than 10 times what is normally expected in a wild bird population." Her team thinks that 17% of adult northwestern crows in Alaska are affected by the deformity called "avian keratin disorder." It’s a mystery to us why more of the people who claim to love this website so much don’t support us by becoming a subscriber. In a diary about attending the screening of a movie about climate change, Anne Strieber once compared us to a roach, because we’re stamped on and attacked but we just won’t go away. There’s only ONE thing that can kill us off, and that’s lack of support, so we need YOU to make sure that doesn’t happen!

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