The brain can compensate for many things and sometimes it even becomes better–or at least differentafter an injury (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

Ten years ago, Jason Padgett was mugged outside a karaoke club by attackers who kicked him in the head. He thought he was going to die, but instead he developed a mysterious math ability. He developed an artistic ability too: He can produce a visual representation of Pi, the infinite mathematical formula which begins with 3.14. He’s the only person in the world who can do this.

The Huffington Post quotes neuroscientist Berit Brogaard as saying that the blows to Padgett’s head have transformed him into an "acquired savant. Savant syndrome is the development of a particular skill, that can be mathematical, spatial, or autistic, that develop to an extreme degree that sort of makes a person super human."

We know a secret about being "super human"–it happens to contactees as well (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Anne Strieber has interviewed a wonderful group of contactees, and if you subscribe today, you can listen to ALL of them!

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