Using a sleight of hand move he calls “reverse pickpocketing,” magician David Copperfield used his special powers to fend off four Florida muggers recently. Keep reading to find out more.

Rupert Cornwell reports in the Independent that he and his two female assistants were confronted by the muggers while walking back to their tour bus after a show in Palm Beach. The muggers, all male youths, pulled up in a car behind them and two jumped out and held them at gunpoint, demanding their valuables. One of the women gave them $400 in cash, and the other gave them her purse, which contained $100, her passport, plane tickets and a cell phone. Then it was Copperfield’s turn. He turned his pockets inside-out, showing the muggers that they were empty, despite the fact that they actually contained his wallet, passport and cell phone. After the muggers drove off, he used his cell to dial 911. The police soon picked up the muggers’ car, arrested them and returned the woman’s valuables.

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