Keith Inman writes in the Jonesboro (Arkansas) Sun that there are 10 crop circles in a wheat field in Knobel, Ark. Farmer Todd Young says, “It’s kind of eerie, really. It’s real precise. It’s real symmetrical. Your average idiot couldn’t have gone out there and done that, including myself.” This spring, circles are appearing in the U.S. and in other countries, as well as in the usual U.K. crop circle country. The non-U.K. circles tend to be plain, rather than intricate?but then so did the early U.K. circles.

“I think it’s somebody with a handheld GPS and too much time on their hands,” says farmer Bruce Catt, who discovered the circles as he flew his airplane over them last Saturday. “We just happened to fly over the field. It just sticks out from the air like a sore thumb.”

The circles ranged from 38 feet in diameter to about eight feet, and they were all within 10 feet of each other. “Knobel’s pretty small. Looks like it would get out who done it,” Catt says. “If somebody used a stake and a string and went around trying to make a perfect circle, they did a good job.” Catt thinks the circle maker walked down a ditch through the field in order to prevent leaving a path.

“He told my wife at church Sunday that we had crop circles,” Young says. “I finally found it about noon Monday. And there have been numerous people out here looking at it. At one time there were four planes inside this little area, looking at it.”

Young flew over the field last Friday and saw no circles, so Catt said he believes the crop circles were made Friday night. “A lot of people fly over here, and if it had been there a long time, somebody would have noticed,” he says.

Cooperative extension agent Roger Gibson says, “All I can say about it is they had to know what they were doing.”

“We just hope they get all the wheat harvested before they do it again,” says agent Andy Vangilder.

The circles are gone now?Young harvested the wheat on Tuesday. He says, “I farm for a living, and that’s how I make my living?harvesting my crops.”

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