Strange sightings CONTINUE in the state of Texas.

In the KENS 5 News website, Joe Conger reports on “strange sightings of a huge flying creature” in San Antonio. One of the people who saw it was Guadalupe Cantu, who was in his car delivering papers. Conger quotes him as saying, “We were afraid that it would come at us. So we stayed in the cartill it passed this way. This thing’s all feathers, all black. Much bigger than me. It looked at us. It had very stooped-up shoulders.”

Could this be the mythical thunderbird?or something prehistoric that?s still here? Conger quotes Texas cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard as saying, “What’s interesting is that the reports of these giant, raptor-like birds do continue into modern times. I believe there’s a good chance that a lot of large, prehistoric animals?remain undiscovered by modern science.”

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