We recently reported the shocking revelation that at the time of her death in 1997, Princess Diana was being bugged by our largest spy agency, the NSA, which does electronic eavesdropping. Sources say they were probably monitoring Diana’s friendship with controversial financier Teddy Forstmann. A British investigation into her death reveals more incredible facts that Americans have never heard.

In the Independent, Guy Davis writes that the report shows that “there was no cover-up, no murder plot, and no sabotage.” The Princess was killed when her car, which was being driven by a drunk Henri Paul while they were chased by several paparazzi photographers, crashed into a pillar in the Pont d’Alma tunnel. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. This is all known, but some surprising new facts have also been revealed.

The father of Diana’s lover Dodi, Mohammed Fayed, has long asserted that the British secret service murdered Diana because she was pregnant with his child, who would have been half-Muslim. But during an autopsy, no evidence of Diana being pregnant was found and the blood in the car did not reveal the hormone levels of a pregnant woman. Also, Diana’s close friend Rosa Monckton says that ten days before, when she and Diana were on holiday together, the princess told her that her period had started.

Monte Carlo jeweler Alberto Repossi claimed that Dodi and Diana purchased an emerald and diamond engagement ring worth several hundred thousand dollars a few weeks before their deaths. Although he said he had security camera footage and a receipt to prove this, he later recanted his statement.

Lord Stevens, who is in charge of the investigation, interviewed Prince Charles and Diana’s butler Paul Burrell about a note that was written by Diana 10 months before her death, which said, “My husband is planning an ‘accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury, to make the path clear for him to marry.” But the crash was caused by Henri Paul driving too fast, not by brake failure. HOWEVER, it has now been revealed that Henri Paul was secretly working for the French intelligence services at the time of the crash, and there is evidence he may have been working for the British secret service as well. But it’s not likely thatPaul would have conspired in a plot that led to his own death. He was not known to be an alcoholic, but a post-mortem examination of his body shows that his blood alcohol level was over the legal limit.

Despite the fact that there were over 14 closed-circuit cameras in the Pont d’Alma tunnel where the crash occurred, none of them recorded the fatal crash. Sources say they were either switched off or faced towards the wall?but why would this be the case? Also, one driver got a speeding ticket 15 minutes before the crash, so the cameras were working then.

Pedestrians and ther drivers reported seeing a white Fiat Uno crash into the Mercedes containing Diana and Dodi as their car entered the tunnel. Traces of white paint were found on the wrecked Mercedes, and part of a bumper and tail light were found nearby, but despite a huge database search of over 100,000 cars, the car and driver were never found. HOWEVER, the French photographer James Andason, who had been stalking Dodi and Diana, owned a white Fiat Uno. This was sold and repainted a few days after the crash. Like Henri Paul, HE WAS ALSO BEING PAID BY THE BRITISH SECRET SERVICE. He said he had not been in Paris that night, but he could not be questioned again, because three years later, the burned remains of his body were found in an abandoned car in the south of France.

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