A robot camera has revealed markings inside tunnels beneath the Giza Plateau that have remained unseen for at least 4,500 years. The hieroglyphic symbols are in red paint and may have been made by masons when the chamber was being built, as sort of a "blueprint" written right on the stones.

On CNN.com, Nuala Calvi quotes Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian as saying, "Sometimes they identify the work gang (who built the room), sometimes they give a date and sometimes they give guidelines to mark cuttings or directional symbols about the beginning or end of a block." Similar markings have been found elsewhere in Giza.

Calvi quotes Der Manuelian as saying, "The big question is the purpose of these tunnels. There are architectural explanations, symbolic explanations, religious explanations– even ones relating to the alignment of the stars–but the final word on them is yet to be written. The challenge is that no human can fit inside these channels so the only way to do this exploration is with robots."

Since the Egyptians didn’t HAVE robots, why did they build these tiny tunnels? Calvi quotes Egyptologist Shaun Whitehead as saying, "It is like a detective story, we are using the robot and its tools to piece the evidence together."

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