A secret British government memo, written in 2002, (asreported in ourMay 8 editionof unknowncountry.com), revealed that the U.S. and the U.K.KNEW there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraqbefore they invaded. Now seven more similar memos have beenrevealed by the Brits.

NBC news also reports that these memos reveal that beforethe war, the U.S. military gave “little thought” toconditions in postwar Iraq, and that the U.K. thought therewas inadequate planning before the invasion ofIraq?something our brave young soldiers are paying the pricefor now.

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On NPR recently, media punditDaniel Shoresaid that the biggest underreported news story of the yearis the leak that Bush and Blair both knew that SaddamHussein DID NOT have weapons of mass destruction BEFORE theIraq war. We had this story before any other US news outlet.Make sure we’re here tomorrow bysupporting us today!

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