Despite the upsurge in organic foods, American agriculture is using more pesticides than ever before. Coupled with antibiotics fed to livestock, the farm is becoming a dangerous place for humans!

The Department of Agriculture says that the average American is exposed to 10 or more pesticides every day in his diet and drinking water, and every human in the US who has been tested for this has been found to have pesticides in his body fat. Speaking of fat, there is new evidence that pregnant women who are exposed to pesticides tend to have children who become obese.

And speaking of children, the American Association of Pediatrics says there is evidence that children exposed to pesticides can develop cancer, autism, ADHD and low IQs.

Genetically engineered crops that were designed to REDUCE the need for pesticides have instead created pesticide-resistant "superweeds," and thus have actually increased our use of them in the last decade–fields of GM crops need about 24% more pesticides than conventional crops.

In the December 12th edition of the New York Times, Mark Bittman writes: "We need to stay awake, and remember that the dangers of pesticides are as real now as they were half a century ago."

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