The British Big Cat Society says sightings of strange cats in the countryside are on the increase. There were 438 sightings reported last year. Scotland had the most, with 85 sightings of big cats, followed by Wales with 72. The group says there have been so many reports that there may be a hybrid species roaming Britain.

Danny Bamping, co-founder of the BBCS, says, ?It?s been an incredible year for big cat sightings, especially when you consider that foot and mouth was rife all over the country in the first few months of 2001.? The society has received reports from 31 counties in Britain of attacks by big cats, including one on a horse. Six people reported a Puma sunbathing for several hours.

During 2002 the group will use trigger cameras to try to photograph some of these big cats. Bamping says, ?These cats are so secretive and elusive – it seems the best chance of getting a clear photograph of one of these cats is to let the cat take its own picture.?

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Big Cats have been seen in Australia as well. The hunt has finally been called off for the so-called Lithgow Panther, which has been prowling New South Wales for three years, after all attempts to find it have failed.

Panther hunter and Gerard Martin says it will have to remain a mystery for now, despite the fact that a local resident even videotaped the large animal near his property.

Motion activated infrared cameras were installed and wild animal traps were put in place without success. The National Parks and Wildlife Service even sent in an experienced dog tracker.

Martin says, ?You name it, we tried it. The cat has proved to be extremely elusive ? it?s as simple as that.?

To learn about strange creatures in the U.S., read ?Mysterious America? by Loren Coleman,click here.

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