Mysterious booms have been reported for years. Whitley has experienced three over his house in the past 3 months, one of which was recorded on his surveillance system at 3:36AM on July 23, 2021 and is shown here. There were many reports before what happened in Whitley’s neighborhood and was heard over at least a square mile area, and now the New York Times is reporting that another mysterious boom shook New Hampshire and parts of other states on Sunday morning. The boom consisted of a single, loud explosive report that appeared to come from above. There was also a perceived shaking of the ground, but the National Earthquake Center indicated that no earthquake had been recorded in the area. and Linda Moulton Howe’s has been keeping a record mysterious booms going back years. Unknowncountry’s first story on the subject appears in 1998 and covered mysterious booms in Southern California. To explore our “booms” archive, click here.

Many of these sounds remain unexplained, and whether they are all coming from overhead or some from below ground is difficult to tell. They do appear to most witnesses to be coming from overhead. They do not appear to be conventional sonic booms, because the familiar “double punch” of a loud first boom and a softer second is not present with this phenomenon.

The phenomenon is not confined to the US, but is worldwide, with reports coming in over the years from countries as diverse and the United Kingdom, Australia, India and many others.

In the mid 1990s, residents around Edwards Air Force Base complained of loud booms that the Air Force claimed could not be explained. In 1992, sounds that appeared to be a new type of “pulsed detonation” jet engine were heard in the area, and contrails containing a series of smoke puffs were seen. These have not been reported frequently since. Aviation Week and Space Technology reported on the pulsed detonation sounds.

It is less likely that the mysterious booms being heard at this time are from jet engines. They would appear more explainable as compression effects caused by a large, flat object entering the atmosphere from directly above the site of a boom at high speed. Some of these could be meteorites, but most of the booms are accompanied by brief flashes of light, if any. Meteors generally streak through the sky before exploding.

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  1. Author

    No idea. I thought may be fireworks and I think that’s what some of them are, but the one I put the video up of was heard over at least a square mile according to comments on our local neighborhood app. I also thought it might be a skyrocket, but there’s no glow from the ascending rocket. There would be quite a glow because it would’ve had to been a big rocket. There are only the two flashes.

    Also, there are just so many of these around the world and they have been going on for so long, you just have to wonder.

    1. My first thought was that it is a spatial displacement from something large entering our atmosphere from outside or from an interdimensional place. In my county in the Sierra Nevada mountains, many residents were hearing loud distant booms from wilderness areas several years ago. There was never any explanation despite some investigations.

  2. We had one of these ‘booms’ directly over our house a few years ago. It could not even be compared to a sonic boom, and felt very ‘localized’ over the roof of our home. The house shook, and when we ran outside, we saw no one outside, and the sun was still up on a warm Sunday evening, no barking dogs or noise. In hindsight, it was eerily quiet. Frankly, I don’t feel that the ‘visitors’ are behind it all but I do wonder if this is some previously unknown natural phenomenon.

  3. In the backround…was that a car alarm triggered aswell? Whatever that was, it had enough concussion to set off a car alarm outside.

  4. I live in New Hampshire and about a week ago the whole house shuddered as if a large tree had fallen nearby. It felt like something had hit the house. Our trees were fine and there was no damage to the house. I heard no sharp report, just a house-shaking thud. I have experienced a mild earthquake here before. This did not seem to have the same echoing quality of the earthquake.

  5. Sounds like a firework, first a ground level launch, then a small in sky spreader followed by a very large sky spreader.

  6. I notice that there was a visual effect, an increase of light around some objects in the room just preceding the 2nd, larger, boom. I might expect something like this immediately after the boom if it shook the camera a bit, but not preceding the boom. Can anyone explain what that might be? (Could the sound be delayed slightly behind the picture maybe…?)

  7. Author

    You’ve got a good eye! We noticed it, too. Afterward, as you suggest, it would be explainable. Before, as far as the video experts I consulted were concerned, it was difficult to know what happened.

    The only possibility is that there is some sort of synchronization issue, but if so it is unique to this particular clip.

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