First it was redwinged blackbirds falling out of the sky–in two places in the US and also in Sweden. Then it was thousands of dead fish. Now it’s doves: A thousand of them have dropped out of the sky in Italy, all with blue stains on their beaks. Officials says the blue tint indicates hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen that can confuse animals.

In the January 7th edition of the Telegraph, Nick Pisa quotes a local Italian newspaper as saying, "Let’s hope it is poisoning or an illness because that would be easier to deal with than it being a sign the world is coming to an end."

This Sunday on Coast, Whitley will ask investigator Joseph Farrell to give us a report on what HE thinks is going on. You can hear Whitley’s special interview with Farrell about the man who set the stage for the financial catastrophe that has put us where we are today if you subscribe today!

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