First there was the Ray Wallace hoax, where Wallace left information, to be released after his death, that he faked a set of famous Bigfoot prints. Now Bob Heironimus says he played the role of Bigfoot in the notorious film made by the late Roger Patterson. Heironimus says, “It’s time people knew it was a hoax.”

Richard Leiby writes in the Washington Post that Heironimus says he wore a gorilla suit in the film, which Patterson made in 1967 in Northern California. This film has been analyzed for years. Author Greg Long says the gorilla suit was made by Philip Morris, who sold it to Patterson for $435.

Long says, “Patterson was the cameraman. They made a gentleman’s agreement that Bob would get in the suit and walk in front of the camera for $1,000.”

But Heironimus says, “I was never paid a dime for that, no sir. Sure I want to make some money. I feel that after 36 years I should get some of it.”

When information about speculative beings and events, such as Bigfoot and UFOs, is debunked, we should remember that there is also a lot of legitimate evidence to back up these ideas. Serious researchers never rely solely on the small amount of evidence that turns out to be hoaxed. In the case of Bigfoot, there is other physical evidence, plus worldwide legends about the creature. Nona Gandelman, an aide to primatologist Jane Goodall, says Goodall has “spoken to people whom she respects who say they have seen one of these hominids, and to many other people she respects who have heard strange calls they thought were made by Bigfoot. As a scientist, she has a very open mind about this and has yet to close the door on the possibility.”

Patterson is now dead and can no longer defend himself, but lawyer Tom Malone, speaking for Patterson’s associate Bob Gimlin, says, “I’m authorized to tell you that nobody wore a gorilla suit or monkey suit and that Mr. Gimlin’s position is that it’s absolutely false and untrue.”

Loren Coleman, one of the world’s authorities on Bigfoot, has always based his studies on reliable information. This is the place to learn what we really know about this creature (and right now, you can get it on sale)!

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