The BBC says “dozens” of UFOs have been seen in Iran in the past few days. Sadollah Nasiri-Qeydari, of Iran’s Astronomical Society, says people are seeing the planet Venus. The Washington Times says the UFO was only seen twice and flashed different colored lights each time. Now a film of one of the UFOs has been shown on Iranian TV.

The reporter who filmed the UFO is from the Irna state news agency, and he watched the mysterious light for 90 minutes. He describes it as a white disc with two “arms.” The BBC says, “Other UFOs have been spotted in several northern and north-western cities moving quickly through the atmosphere emitting brightly colored rays. Scientists say the sightings are a result of natural phenomena, but many people say they are spy planes.”

Meanwhile, Scott Corrales has translated a Mexican UFO report about a sighting over the Yucatan of “triangular,zig-zagging lights in the sky.” Witness Hugo Raciel Luna says that around midnight, he saw three lights over a local baseball field which were approaching in a zig-zagging motion. Eventually the number increased to nine lights in a triangular formation. “Upon seeing this, Hugo alerted his mother and aunts and all of the locals came out of their homes?a total of 15 witnesses on this occasion?and remained outside until 1:30 a.m., at which time the lights vanished.”

Hugo says the “objects were forming triangles three by three?the first one toward the west, the second toward the north, and the third toward the east. After several turns, [they turned into] a larger triangle formed by the nine lights. Once this configuration was achieved, they sped off in the direction of M

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