The moon is a treasure trove of helium 3, a vital fuel for the future that is extremely rare on Earth. Both Russia and China are planning moon missions. Now NASA may be racing to get back there first.

In 2004, Bush surprised the world by declaring that the US should return to the moon as soon as 2017. Now NASA is calling for a much quicker return. The cost of a moon trip is about a billion dollars and since NASA has had its budget reduced under this administration, Bush is going to have to convince congress to increased it again. He will probably do so by holding secret meetings with select congressmen, telling them about the necessity of gaining control over Helium 3.

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The REAL reason to switch to Helium 3 is to move to fusion energy, which has much lower emissions. In their groundbreaking book. Whitley Strieber and Art Bell were the first writers who dared to bring the subject of global warming to the public. Those of you who read this website also know the secret about where Whitley got the surprising information contained there.

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