We worry about fighting off an alien invasion in the future, but the biggest invasion of new creatures may be right here on Earth RIGHT NOW. We’ve warned you before that as the world heats up and glaciers melt, dangerous microbes may return to life. Russian scientists agree and want to investigate the gigantic Lake Vostok in Antarctica that is now hidden under over two miles of ice. The creatures in that lake have been locked away in the dark and cold for 20 million years.

If there are any living creatures there, they must have found a way to reproduce in extremely adverse conditions, and may be a completely unknown type of hybrid (NOTE: You can still get Whitley’s novel "Hybirds" from the Whitley Strieber Collection). Could they be dangerous to the humans now living on the Earth?

Since CBS News reports that Russian scientists presented a vial of melted Vostok water to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently, we’ll soon find out!

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