Spores of airborne mold have become a hazard in New Orleans, where the clean up is still going on.

Andrew Buncombe writes in the Independent that the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has accused the Federal government of failing to warn people about this danger, just as they failed to warn New Yorkers about dangerous air pollution after 911.

When the NRDC took air samples from 14 different locations in the New Orleans area, 9 of which had been flooded, they discovered incredibly high levels of mold spores. Allergists says that an outdoor mold spore level greater than 50,000 spores per cubic meter is dangerous. The spore counts outdoors in of the neighborhoods tested by the NRDC were more than that. Mold brings on allergy symptoms in many people. Some types of mold are actually cancer-causing and homes infected with this type of mold are unsafe to live in and have to be torn down. We have no information about what kinds of mold have been discovered in New Orleans.

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