Sheriffs? deputies are searching Arapahoe County, Colorado, in search of a missing tanker truck capable of spraying 5,000 gallons of liquid along city streets. Deputies alerted the FBI?s Joint Terrorism Task Force about the missing tanker because of its potential for misuse by terrorists, says Arapahoe County Undersheriff Grayson Robinson. ?Although we don?t have any reason to believe this is why it was stolen, there is a potential use for this vehicle as a means of attack.?

The tanker, which is equipped with spray nozzles that are used to wet down dirt roads, disappeared sometime between Friday evening and Monday morning from a construction site. Robinson says the truck, which is larger than a commercial dump truck, was not locked up behind a fence because it?s so large and difficult to drive. It?s described as a large yellow tanker with the words ?Fiore and Sons? printed on its side.

?We are devoting more effort to this search because of the potential,? Robinson says.

Anyone who knows anything about the theft should call the Arapahoe County Sheriff?s Department at (303) 795-4711.

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