The food-irradiation industry got special-interest language put into the 2001 Agriculture Appropriations bill that seeks to force the FDA to replace the clear “Treated by Irradiaton” now on irradiated foods with a label that is vague and misleading, such as “Cold Pasturized.”

The industry, apparently taking its cue from the genetically engineered food business, is seeking to conceal its products from consumers by vague labeling. This is intended to remove from consumers the right to make a choice regarding the consumption of foods that have been sterilized by exposure to radioactive elements.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is fighting this labeling proposal, and offers an e-mail letter that concerned individuals can fill out and send to the FDA. To prevent this labeling disaster, it is essential that consumers speak out on the matter, and demand that FDA continue the current clear labeling regulation.

To send FDA an e-mail letter, click here.

To learn more about the Center for Science in the Public Interest, click here.

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