Shades of the biblical plagues and the 6th Century catastrophe reported on Unknowncountry last week, where mysterious yellow dust was reported falling from skies .

A mysterious red rain recently fell in the Southern Indian State of Kerala, accompanied by collapsing wells and a plague of black insects.

It was originally thought that the red rain might have been caused by dust kicked up by small earthquakes, although no quakes were measured. This could also explain the tiny black insects that rained from the sky at the same time.

But that leaves the mystery of the collapsing wells. Around 150 have collapsed in various ways across the state since the second week of June. Experts guess that the well collapses may be due to a sudden build-up of water pressure, that could also be caused by tectonic activity.

Now researchers have concluded that a meteor threw fine dust into the atmosphere, which came down as red rain. According to a preliminary hypothesis released by the Center for Earth Science Studies, a meteor exploded in the area at around 5:30 a.m. on July 25. The Director of the Center, Dr. M. Baba, says the hypothesis is based on physical analysis of the sediments found in the rain water obtained from the district and information from the residents.

The celestial body, passing at great speed, deposited the dust in the monsoon clouds, causing the red-colored downpour. According to available information, the rain was normal the previous day. But residents were jolted out of their sleep by ?a very loud noise? in the early hours of July 25. A few of them also saw a flash of light. The red showers started three hours later.

The sound of thunder was unusual as thunderstorms do not accompany rains during this time of the year. The red rain arrived after a series of quake-related rumbles, collapsing wells, swirling well waters, cracking walls, sinking earth, floods, landslides and plagues of insects.

Scientific teams from leading institutions have been trying to explain the strange happenings with credible, but divergent, findings. The fear of the ground slipping away from under their feet, while the sky falls on their heads, has made the local people eager for reassuring words from the scientists.

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