Global warming is causing the Alps, which are made of rocks held together by permafrost, to collapse. The 5,000-year-old corpse called “Oetzi” was found there in 1991. Now melting ice is turning the mountains into a morgue, revealing the bodies of climbers who died there in modern times.

A Swiss father who has been searching the Alps for 18 years, looking for the body of his missing son who vanished in 1985, has finally discovered a corpse that police think is his son’s climbing companion. They say, “Yesterday (the father) thought it was his son. Today he says it is the friend. I would leave this wide open for the moment?We don’t know if it is the body of his son, his son’s companion or someone else.”

Other bodies have been found as well. A group of German hikers found the decomposed upper body hiker Helmut Weiss, who disappeared in 1971, protruding from the ice at an altitude of 8,860 feet. He was identified by his wallet. The bodies of an Austrian and a Canadian have been also found. One of the oldest bodies found (aside from Oetzi) is the body of a German woman who has been missing since 1956.

A German spokesman says, “Maybe we will even find a new Oetzi.”

The British Astronomer Royal takes global warming seriously, and we should too.

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