Now that “Signs” is in movie theaters across the country,U.S. newspapers are finally paying attention to the subjectof crop circles, after ignoring them for years. Somejournalists are writing surprisingly open-mindedarticles?including our own hometown paper, the San AntonioExpress-News. Other papers are using the movie as an excuseto spread lies, propaganda and disinformation.

You might expect this from the tabloids next to the grocerystore checkout?but the Boston Globe? One expects objectivereporting from such a venerable newspaper as this. Instead,their reporter Vanessa Jones starts out by saying cropcircles remind her of ?Cap?n Crunch or Froot Loops? and goesdown from there.

Her biggest mistake is to think that Nancy Talbott, whoreports on the BLT group that analyzes changes in the circlecrops, is the person actually doing the research. Thearticle says, ?It sounds convincing until [Talbott] revealsthat before studying crops she promoted country-musicfestivals.? Jones couldn?t be bothered to do any research,or she would have found out that the work has been done byDr. William C. Levengood, a distinguished scientist.

Throughout the article, Jones quotes only people who debunkthe circles. The only researcher she contacts is ColinAndrews, who now says that 80% of the circles are manmade.She apparently has never heard of the researchers we have onDreamland, such as Linda Howe, Lucy Pringle, MichaelGlickman or Charles Mallett.

The question is: why? Nobody?s asking her to become a?believer,? but why not at least be objective? Isn?t that areporter?s job?

Instead, she?s content to spread ignorance, lies andpropaganda in a major daily newspaper.

And she?s not the only one?read about how ?real? journalistsfight to get the truth out to the public in ?Into theBuzzsaw? by Kristina Borjesson,click here.

To read about the BLT group,clickhere.

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