Everyone craves it (almost everyone, that is), but some people say it isn’t all that good for you. But no matter how you feel about it, it’s long overdue for a makeover.

Enriching meats with fiber and omega-3 fatty acids may help consumers to associate meat with a healthy lifestyle. One of the healthy things that meat contains is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which preliminary studies on animals show may reduce cancer.

But there’s room for improvement: nutritionist Frederic Leroy says, “Modification of fatty acid and cholesterol levels in meat may be influenced by selection of breeds and genetic lines, changes in animal feeding practices and additional ingredients added during meat processing.” By “changes in animal feeding practices,” he means don’t feed cows on corn because eating grass-fed beef does not raise human cholesterol levels.

No matter what you like to eat, there will be something for you at lunch and breakfast at our upcoming Dreamland Festival (good nutrition from drinking beer with Jim Marrs, too)! And no matter what you like to talk about (conspiracy, psychic mediumship or UFOs) there will be something there for YOU too!

Art credit: Dreamstime.com

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