NASA has warned that a huge solar flare now developing could cause
a dangerous solar storm that could disrupt electrical grids on Earth.
At present NASA is estimating a 15% chance that sunspot region
AR 1678 may generate an X-class solar flare as it rotates toward
Earth over the next 48 hours.

At present, the sunspot region is at least six times the size of Earth,
and is growing rapidly. It has developed what is known as a delta class
magnetic field, which is a type that can generate strong solar storms.

NASA warned in late 2012 that 2013 would bring the potential for large
and damaging solar storms. As Earth’s electrical grid has grown more
sophisticated it has also grown more sensitive, and is largely unprotected
from serious solar storms.

In Whitley Strieber’s ebook Solar Flares, he points out that the United States
is in urgent need of congressional action to provide electrical companies with
mandatory grounding requirements to protect the grid. A bill doing this passed
the House of Representatives on a bipartisan basis in 2011, but was defeated
in a Senate Committee.

Readers are urged to write their congressmen and senators demanding action
in this matter. A long-term failure of the electrical grid would be a nation-killing
catastrophe from which there would be no effective recovery.

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