Much of Florida has suffered a general power failure, whichtook place as storms passed over the region. As of 2:45local time, emergency efforts were under way to determinethe cause of the failure that has affected 4.5 million powercustomers. Broward and Dade counties were among the areashit, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale. A complex processinvolving the shutdown of a nuclear power plant that wasunable to ship its electricity due to a failure of powertransmission lines is believed to be responsible for theshutdown.

The storms were not unusually heavy and the number oflightning strikes recorded was average, so it is not clearthat the weather was responsible for the transmission linefailure. So far, failures have been contained in South andCentral Florida, and have not spread to other parts of thepower grid, and additional failures are not anticipated.Full power is expected to be restored by two in the morningof February 27.

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