There’s a controversial theory making its way around thescientific community that says that life on Earth was seededby an asteroid from Mars, meaning we are all, essentially,Martians. But now astronomers think that an asteroid fromsomewhere else may have seeded life on Mars as well, meaningthat our ancestors could have come from far away in theuniverse. Recent Mars rovers are examining five ancientMartian craters that form a ring-like “equator” around themiddle of the planet, looking for signs of life.

The NASA website reports that these craters mightall have been formed at the same time, when a single giantasteroid broke apart and its fragments all slammed into theplanet. This idea has been suggested by Canadian astronomerJafar Arkani-Hamed. If his theory is correct, this “ring”could be the place where we should look for the water thatastronomers suspect may be hidden beneath the surface of Mars.

Water is necessary for life, and we know that Mars was oncewarmer and wetter than it is today, and thus more conduciveto the development of life. Astronomers think that much ofthis water evaporated into space, although some of it mayremain underground. This evaporation could have been abyproduct of heavy bombardments of pieces of a large asteroid.

Mars, glowing red in the sky, may be the greatest sky showwe can see from Earth, but Egypt is theGreatestShow ON Earth!

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