Mars is coming closer to the Earth, and will be easier to see, than it has been since Neanderthal times. It will slowly appear to grow larger and brighter until at 5:51 am EST on August 27, 2003, Mars will be within 34,646,488 miles of Earth, the closest it’s come to our planet in 73,000 years. Whenever Mars is close to the Earth, the number of UFO sightings increases. The red light of Mars will look more than six times larger and shine 85 times brighter than it does now. Only the Moon and Venus will appear brighter in the night sky.

On August 28, Mars will be at “opposition,” meaning the Sun, Earth and Mars will form a straight line. Mars comes to opposition about every 26 months, but because of the elliptical orbits of Earth and Mars, this doesn?t necessarily mean it?s close to Earth. We?re getting lots of Martian visitors as well. Almost every month, a rock from Mars hits the Earth, although most of them are never found. Meteorite hunters have found about 26 rocks on Earth that have been identified as coming from Mars. Scientists once thought it took a serious impact on Mars to dislodge one of these rocks and sending it flying towards Earth, but new research shows that impacts that create craters as small as under 2 miles wide on Mars have caused rocks to head our way.

If it took larger impacts?that produced deeper craters?to send Martian meteorites to Earth, that would mean that we were receiving rocks that were older, since they came from deeper beneath the surface of Mars. But now that we know these rocks can come to us from small impacts and shallow craters, it means we?re receiving younger Martian rocks than we thought. This makes them less valuable for research, since they don?t tell us what Mars was like in the distant past, when there was enough water on the surface to support life.

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